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Horoscope Pisces: the free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for Pisces – from World of Wisdom

Your Zodiac Sign: PISCES – The Fishes [ February 18th - March 20th ]
Planets ruling Pisces: Jupiter and Neptune | Mutable sign | Water sign

The position of your sun in Pisces immerses you in an ocean of thoughts and feelings that seem almost to encompass the whole of humanity. Empathy is a natural condition for you, as you sense what people feel even before they do. When you have learned to orientate yourself in this ocean of impressions, you give people unconditional love, acceptance and understanding, sensitively offered with humor and humility. Accessing the riches of the soul through meditation and mindfulness is your natural birthright, but you do not seek personal happiness; satisfaction for you can only come when other people also can experience the rewards. Only then can you enjoy the rewards yourself.

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Star sign: Pisces

How does having the Sun in Pisces affect your professional life?

You are a mixture of many personality traits, and it is difficult for both you and others to define who you are and what you represent. You may take life seriously, but you can be at a loss to find a true meaning in what you do. Professionally you can be skilled at many things, although you are rarely motivated by material ambitions. You are a sensitive person with a genuine love and concern for others. As an idealist and dreamer you refuse to accept the hard ways of the world and constantly choose to believe in the best in others. Times will come when you feel misunderstood, and disillusion can lead to major crises. It is up to you to avoid putting yourself in impossible situations, which inevitably lead to disappointment. You have a talent for creative work, and you would also function well in a helping role. However you can succeed at anything you put your mind to, on the condition that it inspires you.

How does having the Sun in Pisces affect your personal life?

Many of the turning points in your life are of a spiritual nature in that you learn to discern a meaning behind events which makes sense of the seemingly meaningless nature of things. These experiences constantly enhance your sensitivity and personal insight. In this process of personal development it is essential for you to resolutely avoid any feeling of martyrdom, even though you more than most are aware of, and witness to, the tragedies of human existence. Partnerships function best when you avoid the two extremes of having unrealistic expectations of the partner, and going around feeling the odds are stacked against you. By avoiding negative states of mind as far as possible, you can attract good fortune to yourself, and give spiritual sustenance to others.

Piscean celebrities:

Anais Nin, W.H. Auden, Edward Kennedy, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tom Wolfe, Glenda Jackson, Jack Kerouac, Albert Einstein, Rudolf Nureyev, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, William Hurt, Spike Lee, Holly Hunter

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